Visited this post on first day of my holiday and only just got back so will put it up now, no TM with me just on my own, my first proper solo ROC explore

Opened: June 1960

Closed: October 1968

Subbrit record:

Wasn't expecting much from this post but it was local so what the heck, the post is by an aircraft post which is not in bad condition but the post itself it manky looking on subbrit and I didn't have much time on this nor did I have good footwear so didnt venture below deck.

The hatch is a bit mangled and kind of supported by the handle below it, very rusty also!

Vent, FSM and BPI pipes could not be found

Compund post

Down the hatch, looks bad below

Internal from subbrit, looks a fetid pit

Aircraft post

Lower room

Can't complain about the views!