The Central London District Sick Asylum was built in 1898-1900 ast Colindale, Hendon. Its layout was based on the pavilion system with separate blocks connected by a central linking corridor. Ward blocks were provided for TB patients, children and casualty cases. In 1913 the hospital was sold and renamed the Hendon Infirmary, in 1919 it was taken over by the Asylums Board and used as male TB sanatorium. It later came under control of the London County Council and in 1948 renamed Colindale Hospital. Closure 1996.

On arriving at this site initial dismay at the amount of buildings which were already demolished was short lived, it would have been nice to have seen it sooner, but every explore has its own character and at each site the character changes with time - many might have already written this place off already but I thought it was a cracking explore.
Visited with Lulatahula

Demolition well under way