Visited on my own & missus waited in the car

While in Wales i scanned google to see where i could visit while in north wales, I came up with Prestatyn Rotor Station & ROC Post. I also came up with a few more ROC Post that i didnt end up visiting.
I didnt get inside any of the places because the was locked up tight.

Here is a little history of the ROTOR Station

ROTOR Station Prestatyn was an RAF radar post situated near Prestatyn, in Denbighshire, north-east Wales. The remains of some of the buildings are current. The rotor station is visible as a square building from most of Prestatyn, as it is situated on Gwaenysgor hill. The area around the post is fenced off as a TV satellite is alongside the buildings.
The radar site was last used in the late 1960s and the area has remained unchanged since it was abandoned.
There was once a gun turret mounted out to sea that could shoot up to 5 km

BT still have a compound and various masts on site but the ROTOR blockhouse itself is not in use and all entrance points are bricked up.

Here are a few shots

Here is a little history of the ROC Post

The post now houses communications equipment. Inside the compound there is a small tower with 3 VHF/UHF aerials on the top with feeder cables running into the bunker through the main shaft. It is also locked up tight with a big padlock on the hatch and the gate.

It is also up for leasing.

Here is a few shots

Here is a Sheep

And here are a few of Gwyrch Castle

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Thanks for looking ppl