St Mary’s, Fernyhalgh and Ladyewell, Aug 2010

At Ladyewell, Fergus Maguire built his chapel for Mary, and the Ladywell House became instrumental as a place of devotion to the Mass during times of persecution in later centuries. The Shrine of Ladyewell is situated in a secluded part of the Lancashire countryside, steeped in history and legend. It is a place where many English Martyrs once trod, and scenes of struggle for the Catholic faith took place. * Ladyewell means "Our Lady of the Well," though the origins of the well are ancient; and many know the place as "Fernyhalgh" an Anglo-Saxon name meaning "Ancient well."It is thought that this ancient shrine was first Christianised and converted into a shrine of Our Lady, by the King of Northumbria when he was baptised on Easter Day in the year of Our Lord, 627. However, it seems for reasons unknown, the well fell into a time of obscurity and was forgotten for some hundred years or more. Today Ladyewell is still a holy and hallowed place, where many relics of the saints are housed, and many pilgrims come to pray. Thankfully, Holy Mass is still regularly celebrated in the house, church and grounds at Ladyewell. For more info about it visit the web site

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