Whilst moving around the Yorkshire Dales last week, I came across this lovely old Chapel in the village Of Brompton in Arden
A lovely little explore

A Bit of History:

The graveyard the Chapel stands in is one of two in the village, the original graveyard by the village church (All Saints Church) was declared full near the end of the 19th Century.
An alternative had to be found.

A meeting was held in the local pub! (Where all good meetings take place) on the 22 April 1885.
The location chosen for the new graveyard was by the now closed railway station of Sawdon.
Funds were raised for the chapel and graveyard by the "Cow Gait Fund". This was money received from the letting of the grazing in the lanes of Brompton.

The chapel was eventually built in 1889, by a Local Builder, Charles Lightfoot at a cost of £186 pounds, 12 shillings and 7 pence

It was first used for the burial of Rachel Elliot of Sawdon on 26 June 1890.
The original bier that the coffins were placed on is still in use and can be seen at All Saints Church, where it is now kept

The Chapel is no longer used, and it is not known when it fell into disuse
The exterior is still in a lovely condition, but the interior has suffered over the years with damp and the original wooden flooring is now breaking up

The abandoned tools of the Grave digger are still inside, along with graffiti about the deceased of where he buried them

The small Chapel contains a single bell in the tower.

Inside the tools of the Grave Digger! Boards to line the dug grave, a ladder to climb in & out, and a coffin
template, so that the grave is dug to the correct size

And not forgetting the webbing to lower the coffin

Graffiti on the wall from the grave digger where people are buried!

Unknown Tomb stone hides in the corner!

A small stained glass window at the end of the Chapel casts a coloured light into the building which is devoid of any electric light.

One way in! and One way out! Final departure point to the good Lord!

Thanks for looking