Drop Dead Drain & Storm Overflow - Discovered by Concrete Jungle & Visted By Ojay.

I was honoured to go and take a look at this new system. We headed back to take a closer look after CJ had recced this place a week earlier and only got as far as the overflow chamber. (Access Being somewhat comedy, especially a case of 'Wheres the path' on the way out)

After an interesting squeeze through the Outfall there was a real smell of 'fresh' in the air.

We then headed up a small section of RCP before entering a small inspection chamber.

Ahead the overflow turned to lovely Victorian RBP, the type we are all too familiar with now in Manc (1650mm for the geeks).

Continuing approx 180 yards we arrived at the brick chamber with the 2 RCP drop shafts that CJ had previously spotted on his initial visit.

Although there was the occasional whiff of 'fresh' the chamber was rather clean, not a CSO as such but more of a storm overflow tank, with the ability to act as diversion if required looking at the arrangement above and the fact there is a small sewage pumping station nearby.

Looking down

There was a ladder at the other side of the chamber,

so naturally I started to climb it with CJ straight behind me. As I stopped on the first section and shone my torch up it I could see that it was multi-layered

Having climbed approx 110ft the chamber consisted of 9 concrete sections, with standing room restricted every 12ft

Looking back down and to the right (which was actually my left) is a seperate shaft for what appeared to be for lowering down plant.

As we reached the top section, there was a smaller shaft with a ladder upto a manhole,

Around 20ft up appeared 2 slots, looking inside I could see the top of each of the RCP dropshafts and another hole into a chamber further along which still needs looking at........

I forgot to bring my gloves for this one, and boy was i covered in f**k knows what by the time I got out.

Judging by the noise above, the amount of manholes and the smell, I would suspect that there is probably a series of combined sewer drop shafts and vortices amongst other goodies waiting to be discovered.

Thanks for looking