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    Arrow St Josephs Nursing Home - Lochwinnoch - Sept 2009

    Not entirely sure on the history of this one but I do know that before it's use as a care home it was owned by the Mill Hill Society, used for foreign missionaries hence giving it the title of St Josephs. It was used for this purpose until 1955 when it was turned into a care home for the elderly when finally, under ownership of Craegmoor Care it was closed in 2004 and has been left to rot. However planning permission to convert the building for residential use has been granted, at least the building will be 'saved'....

    As soon as you walk in you are greeted by this lovely little chapel

    The J-man himself

    Chapel Corridor

    What's left of the kitchen

    Day room

    Looking to nothing

    Admin corridor

    Fire damage in the main stairwell, the fire doors have done their job well, fire hasn't spread into any other parts of the building

    From the main entrance

    Some old skool coke

    Top floor

    Boiler room

    This was once a towel dispenser...deformed by the heat of the fire

    Thanks for looking
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    Default Re: St Josephs Nursing Home - Lochwinnoch - Sept 2009

    *shudder* One of my least favourite places! Even when it was still in good condition it reeked of pish and had an air of gloominess.
    It's absolutely rank now - I'm amazed you managed to get such good photos. Skin is right... you need decontamination when you come out of there!

    Hope you don't mind if I add a few of my pics from a couple of years ago to compare the rapid decay.

    "How very."

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