the second part of the tobacoo warehouse explore proved quite a shocker...the main warehouse itself just consists of empty spaces but below ground it was used as a morg in the war for dead servicemen...i just had to check this out....but thats not all

over the far side under the warehouse the wall which supports all the dock water had little glass pressure plates placed on the wall (one was broke)

on closer inspection the wall was bevalled to hell right along part of the wall

the pics dont really do it justice but believe me it was looking like it was about to pop....

a little bit of history....

The Stanley Dock opened in 1848 and was designed by Jesse Hartley. The Stanley Dock Warehouse was opened later, in 1901, and is a grade II listed building. In 2006 work began in a 20,000,000 exercise to link the connecting Leeds and Liverpool Canal to the waterways of Pier Head.

In 1901 when the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse was finished it covered the largest area of any other building. The building was used by a morgue for dead American servicemen during the war during which time it became infamous when a body snatcher was discovered and shot dead.

The dock and warehouse were used up until 1980. During their lifetime they served as a port on the sea routes between the United Kingdom and America. As a busy port it was the location for numerous murders. Immigrants and travelers, especially the Irish, were often blamed for the deaths and sometimes without any evidence at all.

In 1980 the warehouse fell into disuse but has been championed by local newspapers and the ground floor is now used as a Sunday market.

pressure plate..

and the bend in the wall...