This place is a bit of a mystery. There is this big beautiful house left to it's own devices just smack bang in the middle of a row of houses. It has magnificent views from the front over looking the castle, yet someone seems to have fallen out of love with it.

On first inspection (at dusk with my Mother) I found out that it must have been flats. There were 3 buzzers with names of people on them. So we had a nosy around...The grounds were full of fruit trees and were massive!!!! The grounds were also host to a family of rabbits. We were round the back of the house when we heard a loud bang so we legged it.....I was determined to go back at a reasonable and light hour of the day.

And I did. Thing is not all is what it seems with this place....I was down at the front of the house taking photo's and I sat on the bench opposite the house, there was a memorial plaque on it with the names of the people on the buzzer. Also there were another 2 names of people that were related. So we have 2 sets of people who used to live there who have passed. How sad I thought, they must have loved the house....

So I asked in a local shop....They firstly pretended not to know what house I was on about, and then gave me some information saying that it used to be an old persons home. How can it be? There were different flats and also some baby pampers in the outhouse. So I asked good old AQA. They said that there first couple (older ones I guess) died in the 80's, but the other names of the people were only born in the early 90's. How confusing. They lived there, so how can it have been an old persons home????

There is so much stuff I do not know about this house, and just can't find out!!!! I think there is much more to the tale of Northrawe!

Taken through a window! Never had one like that before!!!!!!

There will be more on my flickr when I upload them!