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    Arrow Botanic Gardens Underground Railway Station, Glasgow, Scotland REPORT 09/09/2009

    Visited as part of the 'Sketchy Scotland' roadtrip with Kona

    This was my second-favourite site of the trip. Beneath Glasgow lies a forgotten railway, where the stations closed way before Beeching, and frogs, foxes and all manner of small squeaky things make their home. A curving set of cut-and-cover tunnels open out into a painted scene, greened with ferns and young trees. The graffiti is by and large very good, and enhances the forgotten space of the station, with its crumbling staircases and trainless platform. Being a southerner (respective to Glasgow of course) the first place I though of was the Hammersmith and City / District line as it passes through Mile End and Bow in East London. It has the same yellow brickwork (though, of course, not London Brick) with recesses cut into the walls for posters - now used as frames for the graffiti, like a subterranean art gallery. Walking the line through the tunnel, we came across a section where the groundwater has forced its way through the brick and was cascading down the walls. The start of a platform was visible before the tunnel was cruelly blocked with steel doors.

    Thanks go to Shepy and Dazzababes for suggestions and info, and to Kona for huge amounts of driving and good company. Rest of pics here:
    Flickr kindly host my images for me. My flickr page is here

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    Default Re: Botanic Gardens Underground Railway Station, Glasgow, Scotland REPORT 09/09/2009

    Cool place Botanic gardens.

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