Finally got round to visiting this place with Grea after months of promising we'd make the effort. Bit awkward at first, went trackside via the Hollywood sign route but there were EWS workmen on site among the trains. There were cars in and out too so we waited for them to bugger off but we were nearly ready for sacking it all off as a bad job. Clock was ticking, people still milling about, it started to rain and then there's the live lines which go round the 'floodlit area'.
Finally, with some patience and some nifty spotting with the help of some 10x urbexvision binos we found another way, which was far safer and stealthy than the obvious one.
Although it is closed it is still operating and EWS staff are still on site.

One from the bushes en route:

Bye eck! These trains are big:

Really really big:

Engine control panel:

I hope some bloke didn't have this hard hat on when it was crushed:

Among the random findings a non functioning old telephone:

Locker room with manky old ovvies:

A Ginsters best friend:

Random wirey switch type stuff:

Goin loco, down in......:

....a train with an amusing sticker on the front:

Gret big chucnk o' rusty metal:

Train filthage:

The Unexplored Garage:

...and finally the only HDR of the day:

The garage is on the hitlist along with the ?offices? if its doable very very soon (inbox) if anyone wants to come along.