These are a couple of car dealerships about a mile from where I live. Been meaning to get to them for ages, but with the missus away for the weekend and mini me with granny I took some time to myself and this was the result on a dutyfully dull Northern Irish Friday .

The dealerships were owned and operated by David Prentice Group until around 2001 or so when they were used by Charles Hurst Group (part of Lookers PLC). They have been used to flog Rover, Renault, VAG, Chrysler, Nissan and a few other marques over the years as well as a substantial used car lot. They were in use until around 2003/4 when all Charles Hurst operations moved out and the site has been like this ever since, apart from a ghospel mission that was held in the old Rover/Chrysler side randomly.

Holds a bit of personal history for me as it is where I bought my first car on the day of passing my driving test way back in 1996.

The main buildings:

This is a small side showroom that they used to display the odd 'specialist' cars in like Vipers & things like that.

Attempt (and fail) at arty broken window

Inside the Chrysler/Rover showroom, looking rather empty (which it was)

Through the back of the showroom, you are greeted by a spiral staircase leading to offices, canteen, toilets etc upstairs

Upper corridor with offices for accounts, DP, accountant etc

Remains of the staff canteen - didnt venture into the fidge after I seen a half used butter carton dated March 2003...

The most complete part of the upstairs is the comms room, loads of computer, cctv and general equiptment left behind

When the complex was still open night security were confined to one room all night with an ensuite bog it seems

Back downstairs again, into the offices at the rear of the main showrooms, this cupboard had loads of manufacturer magazines back to 1998 and random telephone equiptment (pitch black and I forgot a torch - school boy fail!)

Through to the old Chrysler parts stores

How nice, incase you get caught short fully operational toilets complete with loo roll!

Apart from the car lifts and tools missing the workshops are fairly complete (although 'art' now adorns the walls)

Someone phoning 'those' lines i'll bet...

Into the Renault showroom, sales offices to the right of the picture and reception at the top, sadly all the glass sliding doors to the left have been smashed an borded up

Random office party

Security was super tight...

Random lockers littered about everywhere outside

The barrier into the used lot

Used sales 'offices' outside, now they have been royally trashed

Standard fire exinguisher shot

Parting shot on my way out

First report, probably straight to the bin but we all have to start somewhere