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    Arrow Littleport ROC Post - (Cambridgeshire Group) - Aug 09

    Visited with 'Bunkerkid' on our 'Cold War Day' sojourn

    Whilst picking up an Air Raid siren, stopped by some local posts in the area.

    LITTLEPORT was opened in August 1960 & closed in October 1968.
    The hatch was reported welded shut back in 2007, when last reported on 28 D/L, so was not expecting much.

    The hatch is now open and is only secured on the T-bar. Luckily I had mine to hand and descended down the shaft, like most 68's not much has survived.
    The 3 bunks and the post cupboard survive along with an Ops table proped up inside the toilet area.

    At some time a small fire must have been lit as part of the wall is charred!
    Other than the above the post is very dry, which is good
    The hatch was re-secured on the T-bar after our visit.

    The post lays in a compound just off the side of the road in a field, a nice drive by post

    Only the bunks remain, along with the smashed up cupboard But the post is very dry which is good for a 68 closure

    Ubiquous 'Up-shaft' shot
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    Default Re: Littleport ROC Post Cambs, Group Report 19/07/09

    Good work. Unusual that a tbar would still be working on a 68 closure :-)
    Under the radar, over the top

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