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    Arrow RAF/USAF Bentwaters Cambridgeshire July 09

    Visited this place on mine and Tankmans 'Cold War Day'

    A brief history of the base from use with the RAF:
    RAF Bentwaters is a former Royal Air Force station about 80 miles NE of London, 10 miles ENE of Ipswich, near Woodbridge, Suffolk in England. The name was taken from two cottages (‘Bentwaters Cottages’) that had stood on the site of the main runway during its construction in 1943.

    It was used by the RAF during World War II, and by the United States Air Force during the Cold War, being the primary home for the 81st Fighter Wing under various designations from 1951 to 1993. For many years the 81st Fighter Wing also operated RAF Woodbridge, with Bentwaters and Woodbridge being known as the "Twin Bases".

    USAF history:
    Control of Bentwaters was transferred to the United States Air Force on 16 March 1951 by the Ministry of Defence, and the United States Air Forces in Europe designated it a primary installation of HQ USAFE on 7 September 1951. Bentwaters was to play a key role in the defense of Western Europe during the Cold War when large numbers of USAF aircraft were assigned as part of the air arm of NATO.

    On 16 March 1951, the USAF 7506th Air Support Group was assigned to Bentwaters. The 7506th's mission was to bring the facility up to NATO standards. During most of 1951 and 1952 USAF construction upgraded the operational facilities, as well as the construction of support facilities.

    More information can be found here:

    Part of the base is now a Cold war mueseum and is open 2 days every month to the public, so me and Tankman had a look.

    Some pics:

    Local Rapier missile system, along with search & radar equipment that use to protect the base

    Outide of the bunker

    Main corridor

    Decontamination room

    Comms room

    Room with brief history about what the Cold war is

    Information about the famous 'UFO' insident at Rendlesham Forest

    They descend to us

    Fuel tanker that looks like Missile

    Main battle room, also known as 'the pit', fenced off by a glass window because of flamin Health and Safety

    Close up of one of the operation boards they have above

    Outside we spotted this that looks like a fuel area but could not get a good look as security were everywere

    Other building in the area with ' You are not forgotten'

    Thanks for looking
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    Default Re: RAF/USAF Bentwaters Cambridgeshire July 09

    This BCC is similar to the one at Upper Heyford

    I can highly recommend this museum if you are in the area on Hol's etc! some very knowledgeble guys run it and 'Bob the Yank' who worked in the BCC back in the 80's tell's you all about the workings of 'The Pit'
    Check out the website below for further info

    A few pics of mine!

    'The Pit' They have done a good resto of this BCC as it originally was stripped out when they took it over, most of the equipment now here, comes from RAF/USAF Alconbury

    You are being watched One way mirror in the door! 'Do I look cool or what'

    The wall's of the BCC are festooned with badges of the squadrons that served here
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