Me and 'Bunkerkid' was driving around in the area after visiting the small but excellent Sywell Aviation Museum, 'A-Bomb' and dropped in on Pavenham ROC Post.

Listed as a 91 closure, the post is easy to find, just off the road in its own still partially fenced compound.
The once heavily overgrown compound has recently been cleared back along with heavily chopped hedgerow's. Carpet has been layed around the post to stop further growth

At first glance it looks as if its being restored but this is further from the truth, a quick chat to the friendly neighbours, revealed that the owner is seeking planning permision to build a house on the site, with the post being demolished to make way

Of interest: the telephone lines are still intact with BT having checked the telegraph pole only recently according to one of there tags on the pole.
The BPI pipe has been sawn off and now lays on the hatch
And an OS Trig post lays just inside the hedgerow

The post is now padlocked, so only surface survey done

Nicely chopped back hedgerow now gives clear views once again

Some nice Axminster Carpet now lays around most of the post to stop the weeds growing back

Telephone wires still intact! waiting for the call that never came

Ordnance Survey Triangulation Post lays in the hedgerow.

Further pics here: