hi all heres another one
this one is at a place called llanano on the A438
its a bit of a pain to find the best explination is on subbrit altough the list of roc site for google is ok but is a field out
any ways heres a few pics of it

on the way up to the site my heart sank when i saw this

having heard that a lot of roc site's had been snapped up by comunications companies

anyway i persivered up the hill and saw the post

on closer inspection i found it to be locked with 2 chubb cruser padlocks (6 lever type) rather rusty ones at that. but both these locks had a steel cowel round them as well ?

but this vist wasnt a complete washout as close by the post is a observer post

and having seen what was on the floor in here i decided to make a hasty retreat to the car