Seletar was once the home to a huge RAF base. Its residential area was like a little
piece of England in Singapore. Today they are tearing most of this residential area up
to make way for the planned huge expansion of Seletar airport nearby.

One of the many buildings that is earmarked for demolition is the old RAF Seleter Junior
School (SJS), along Oxford Road. Luckily I went when I did, as they have started to hoard
up the school land for demolition in the coming months.

Not sure when the actual SJS building was built, but it has a 50's postwar'ish feel to it.
In recent years the Singaporean armed forces seems to have used the school for some

No1 Park Lane house, this is one of the surviving grander homes at RAF Seletar.
This is one of the military type "Black and white" houses. Not as fancy as the ones in town,
these types of functional B&W's were usually built for use as public works quarters or
military use. The main living area is elevated on pillars, taking advantage of better air
ventilation and also staying out of reach of wild animals and bugs. This house to will soon
be demolished.