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    Arrow RAF Warboys

    RAF warboys is situated between RAF upwood and RAF Wyton and was built in 1940 to take some of the pressure off RAF upwoods early grass runway.i believe it was a bomber/Bomber Defence Training base.with squadrons of Stirlings, Lancasters, Halifaxes and Oxfords of the Pathfinder Force Navigation Training Unit all being based there one time or another. as well as having Bloodhounds missiles based there in the late 50's early 60's.the Bloodhounds left in 1963 and the base become derelict and the runways broken up and the land returned to agricultural use leaving very few building left.what's left to day is the battle HQ bunker,what looks like a communication bunker and a mushroom shaped defence bunker.

    the DF station is still standing just down the road.this building has a huge outer wall and 3 heavy blast doors nearly a foot thick.but due to having a corrupted memory card. i haven't got many shots of the exterior.

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