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    Arrow Esholt Sewage works Railway Remnants(ARCHIVED)

    Visited at the Easter Weekend,

    The railway was built in the 1920's to serve the then Newly built Esholt Sewage works, mostly moving effluent sludge around the works which was processed into a myriad of products- one of which was paint!. The railway was unique in that the old industrial steam locos ran on the effluent itself, derived from Wool grease from Bradford's Textile industry. Along with the decline of that industry, the railway became redundant in the late 1970's.

    Alot is now gone, particularly with the current re-development of the sewage plant, however a few things still remain...

    How it used to look:

    Old Girder Bridge over the Leeds-Liverpool canal, same design as the one in the distance in the above picture (Although that one went over the river Aire)

    Bunker Building. Not sure what this was for, a sewer runs along the back of it while the railway ran at the front of it, There's also the weighbridge(?) further along on the flickr link

    There's also a tunnel from Frizinghall that exits somewhere around here 3miles later. This is were alot of Bradford's curries ultimately end up....

    More at Flickr:

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    Default Re: Esholt Sewage works Railway Remnants

    Nice work fella! One of my favourite photographers has some wonderful pictures of this place as it was coming to the end of it's life clicky here:

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