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    Arrow St Marys Stannington 04/09

    With so much coming out of St Marys again recently decided to take a couple of hours today and go and see some of the smaller seperate buildings I've never bothered with in the past and wasnt disapointed.

    I've been going to St Marys for 2+ years now on and off and thought had seen most of it and tbf in the main building thats probably the case but I still hope to be proven wrong as have been in the past.

    Today saw us visiting one of what I beleve to be nurses homes but hopefully someone will let us know if I'm correct.

    not the building we did. Saving this one till next time.

    target of the day

    coriporn 1

    funky stairs with obligitory peely paint

    green room 1

    coriporn 2

    dived room

    coriporn 3

    green room 2

    more stairs

    eye bleed wallpaper

    green room 3

    twas then we left building X and made our way across to the morge for the obligitory visit only to be confronted with ...

    Yup the door is now sealed. Well that was only a matter of time I supose.

    but did FINALY do a panorama of the front of admin

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    Angry Re: REPORT - St Marys Stannington 04/09

    what a lovley day for it

    the lambs


    a green room
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