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    Arrow Hellingly Hospital - East Sussex - April 09

    Opened 1903 Closed 1994

    Having seen so many great photos and reports of Hellingly I finally walked its hallowed corridors last Saturday. I know most of you have seen this hospital before but the distance involved and the fact that I'd made it at last made me tingle LOL. Pulling up the long drive the first thing you notice is the scale, this is one big hospital. There is another large building on the same road which I think was the acute unit, I did that too but it's worth a thread of it's own.

    Getting in is not a problem and the place was suprisingly busy, I met four other groups of explorers including a group of ladies complete with no torch, fashion shoes and instant cameras. Another group were plainly spraying graff and even went to the trouble of pulling up the shrubs to get a clean wall to spray on. They gave up and left when I made my feelings known.

    Highlights of Hellingly include the lovely but battered main hall, the morgue without a slab, the crazy evil bath tub things, the piano, lots of medical equipment still around and the fantastic dereliction of the place. I enjoyed it lots.

    Main admin building, destroyed inside.

    Main corridor leading from admin into the hospital, lovely tiles and mosaics

    Next things you come across are the hospital cafes and hairdressing salon

    The main hall is next, lovely but very vandalised.

    Hellingly has some fantastic corridors

    Loved these crazy evil bath things

    The laundry was cool

    Lots of old medical stuff left around

    The morgue but no slab

    She plays piano in the dark.

    Some more random ones, this place is bathtub heaven by the way.

    View out over the hospital

    Thanks for looking as always. Elvis
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