A better than expected explore today took MagooČ, Scary Mary and me to The Wintringham Higher Grade School just down the road in Grimsby. The school was opened in 1894 and this postcard was sent in July 1905 so must have been taken around that time.

The view today isn't nearly so attractive.

In later years the school was taken over by Grimsby Technical College as an art school and most people today refer to it as The Eleanor Road Art College. Many people I know learnt to process their first black and white films in this room.

Lots of people who weren't students went there was to swim. Today the pool has been filled with rubble and the spiral staircase that stood at one end is sadly no more.

Other than the darkroom, the only sign that it was ever an art college is this drawing board.

The sports hall on the second floor.

Overall the place is seriously trashed, particularly the top floor, which is missing some of the roof and a lot of the floor. What floor there is seems to be held together with nothing more than pigeon shit. I don't think I've ever seen so much in my life, or dead pigeons for that matter. Despite this, there are some lovely little details like victorian tiles and arched doorways. I really liked the curved pattern on the skirting board here.

The school/college has been shut for many years to I was kinda surprised to see these blinking away!