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    Arrow Mills on the River Don, Aberdeen.

    The waters of the river Don in Aberdeen have been noted for paper-making since the 18th century.

    Donside Paper Mill closed in 2001 and BPB Paperboard [Mugiemoss Paper Mill] closed in 2005, 525 workers lost their jobs between them.
    Donside is now all demolished, BPB will most likely meet the same fate...

    Stoneywood, operated by ArjoWiggins remains open and employs around 500 workers.

    The Inverurie mills are the furthest upstream, and were founded in 1858, making high-class papers used, for instance, in the printing of banknotes.
    It's currently a "sore point" at the moment, facing possible closure. "International Paper said its Inverurie plant was "unprofitable and not financially viable".
    The company has now started a three-month consultation with its 371 staff at the mill and admitted closure was an option."

    Sadly I got into this hobby too late and most of Donside was demolished when these pictures were taken :/



    Gone :/

    BPB [Mugiemoss paper Mill]
    Visited in 2008 and it was in the process of being stripped and plans were to make it into an "urban village".
    In the last few months, it's been completley stripped out and is now used for storage to oil companies.

    The tower at Stoneywood. Closest I could get!
    It's still very much in operation.

    An old postcard from Inverurie Paper Mill

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    Default Re: Mills on the River Don, Aberdeen.

    Some great pictures of the mills, and interestingly written.
    Sadly I got into this hobby too late
    Something I often think. There would have been some astonishing stuff around, even only ten years ago. I would imagine that every generation of explorer thinks exactly the same!

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    Default Re: Mills on the River Don, Aberdeen.

    I think the same, if I'd got into it even 4/5 years ago I could've done the Dolphin Holiday Camp in Brixham (Now Sharkham village housing development) & several hotels in Torquay which had closed, lay abandoned & torched by undesirables!

    Good sites Laura, paper making was a large industry in Scotland & one by one they're closing down!

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    Default Re: Mills on the River Don, Aberdeen.

    Some great shots there, I love mills.

    The third shot looks like an ancient haylon system, could kill you quite easily.

    Super work.

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    Default Re: Mills on the River Don, Aberdeen.

    Good stuff

    I agree with BoxFrenzy on that. 10 years ago there would have been some cool stuff still about
    The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.

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