i have been meaning to visit this site for a while and with that in mind and having a couple of hours free one afternoon a small meet was arranged!!

in the end only Andyj23uk, peanuts, lil-lilly and myself bothered to turn up

anyhow, the plans were made, and we were off, up the works drain!!

those who have been to this paticular drain before (infact ANY of the moston brook culverts ) will know that the area isnt the best, so were suprised to find our access to the river for the crossing had been made MUCH easyer, by the addition of a CAR at the river bank!! a purple nissan micra BTW if anyone has lost one

the outfall into the IRK, is a gorgeous dressed stone affair, similar to the bottom's of air shafts in railway tunnels.

anyhow, the river safely navigated we were off up the tunnel!! NOW acording to some information i have hold of, the works is only around 400 yards long, and after 350 yards or so you come to the first real feature!!

this area of the drain is looked over by the "works" fairy!! who sits between the tunnels!!

about another 50 yards up and round the last bend, you come across the giants steps!!

at the top of which are the twin pipes

then up the final stairway, into the chamber!!

the drain that runs through this chamber is inhospitable, a largely un-explored drain of unknown AND unpleasant reputation

above the works chamber is a smaller chamber that houses the "winder" for the door below, the fresh tins of WD40 suggest that there has been recent activity in here, although it looks largely the same as always!!

that done it was time to head out, but not before a few last shots as we went!!

NOW, here is the lesson of the day kids!! waterproof trousers WILL NOT work as waders when taped to wellies as lilly found out!!

well she wasnt getting in MY fucking car piss through with shitty drain water!! so i made her strip to her knickers, for the trip home