I grew up in Riverside, California where buildings are knocked down and rebuilt every 10 years or so in typical Los Angeles sprawl fashion so finding places to UE takes a bit more work.

Luckily, I remember seeing places as a kid so whenever I come back home I can go rediscover them.

I remembered a drain at Monroe Park between the baseball field and the train tracks and thought I would go find it. Turns out Monroe Park has a new name and look nothing like what I remember but the drain is still there.

Access to the drain was not blocked in any way (others have gates over them) but requires climbing into the muck at the entry way. Left my boots in London so I had to pant roll it.

Once inside, the drain is full of graffiti, none of it good but some of it mildly amusing.

The deeper you go, the less graffiti there is until it stops altogether. You run into countless offshoots, connections and exits on the way in. I walked for about a mile and saved the rest for another day.

I have a feeling this connects he entire city and one could easily get lost in here. All in all, nice explore in an unexpected place.

Finally, here is some video of the explore. Notice the train going over my head in the drain.