5 days off work, Christmas shopping all but finished, Christmas tree purchased, decorated and looking sparkly in corner of room. So free day to head out and play

Plymouth is my University town so it seemed like a good place to visit as haven't been in a few years. Met up with Scotty to take in a few sites. The best of which was this little girls school tucked away in the gloomy part of Devonport. Access was just a little insane, but well worth it.

The Stoke Damerel Secondary School for Girls was founded in August 1926, when the Plymouth Local Education Authority transferred the girls from Regent Street Central School to join the girls at Keppel Place Central School, Stoke. The boys combined to create Sutton Secondary School for Boys in the Regent Street building.

When the School opened in the September there were 349 pupils on the register but within the first twelve months this fell to 329, largely because of the distance of the School from Plymouth. The Headmistress was Miss E M Bence, BA (London), and she was supported by 19 full-time staff and two visiting teachers.

There was an official inspection by the Board of Education between February 7th and 10th 1928. Their report recorded that there were three classes in the first form; two in the second; three each in the third and fourth; two in the fifth; and there were nine sixth form pupils of an average age of 16 years 5 months.

It was elevated to the status of a High School in 1935. It closed around the late 90's

Good to see they were teaching the girls what they should be doing in life

Favourate shot of the day

Probably a great view from the roof but I spent three years in Plymouth learning about communication systems.. and that roof was stacked with a nice lot of MF/RF comms, even old bill comms. You'd certainly do some nice damage if you stayed up there very long.

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