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    Arrow Storthes Hall Asylum - Huddersfield - November 08

    Open 1904 Closed 1991

    This is what little remains of Storthes Hall Asylum near Huddersfield. Most of the hsopital has been cleared away and all that remains is the stripped out mortuary building and the main admin building. It must have been an huge place as there are acres of demolished rubble round the remaining building, it looks like a war zone.

    There is a permanent onsite security dude who lives in a caravan. The place has been badly damaged and vandalised by the students from the nearby university village. There are some very large nasty looking CCTV cameras which are new since my last visit.

    More info on the asylum here.

    Perimeter Road

    Some remaining decoration left in the rubble

    Mortuary and Isolation Unit (apologies for the quality)

    Inside the main building

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    Default Re: Storthes Hall Asylum - Huddersfield - November 08

    Storthes Hall

    A psychiatric hospital operated at Storthes Hall from 1904-1991. It was founded as an asylum and was previously called the Storthes Hall Mental Hospital (1929-1938), the West Riding Mental Hospital (1939-1948)and Storthes Hall Hospital (1949-1991). A former mill owners house, Storthes Hall Mansion, can be found further down the road heading towards the village centre. This too was a psychiatric hospital, the Mansion Hospital, and operated separately to the one further up the road. It too closed in 1991. It is now a private residence.

    http://highroydspauperlunaticasylum..../c1485692.html a few more images here including the ballroom.
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