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    Hi guys, this is my first post on this site and I hope it to be the first of many to come. I am very keen on 1960's-1970's High Rise Estates. If you know of any that are out of action and are still there, please tell me.

    As of 2015, Larner Road is no longer. Originally being planned in 1964, the first phase was built in '95 with the first two blocks, SARA HOUSE and CAMBRIA HOUSE and the second phase introducing the last 5 blocks. Each building was unique with a different layer of underground corridors and rooms and a different feeling each time. The abuse they took gave them character and in my opinion made them stand out. The area was notorious for the druggies, the chavs and the yobs. In 2008 there were plans to regenerate the area as 'Erith Park' and so began the demolition process.

    NOTE: Unfortunately I didn't get in there closer to the start of the demolition which I really regret so I only got some pics before they went down, meaning a lot of the character that made them Larner Road was no longer. I also didn't bother with the camera on the first day of going there so I missed loads of awesome pics. If I was as talented at photography as I am now back then, this would have been a lot better. I hope to get some more content on similar places soon. Anyone who knows the state of Woolwich's old tower blocks, please tell me. I would love to visit.

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