So this is my first international explore, I've been scoping this place for a while checking for activity, I realized this place is totally dead and I could enter without any unnecessary hassle.

Keep in mind if you choose to explore the full contents of this location you will be prompted to enter a password.

This is what i was welcomed with, an empty chatbox. I remember a few years ago when people would fill the air with their virtual voices. There was talks of tripod beatings and cheating with mental patients.

Next up I ventured over to the ROC post section, so sad to see all of those abandoned sub forums, just think back in the day, there was sometimes up to 3 people browsing this section. Now this area hasn't seen any action in a long time.

I gathered my thoughts for a second with some poetry and a cigarette before I ventured any further, I checked to see if there was any recent activity on site but alas, virtual cobwebs.

Finally I made it to the cranes and high buildings section which had always been a favorite of mine, I showed particular interest in this area but found there was no activity since 2013.

That's pretty much it, I didn't manage to get any people shots because I don't have a webcam. I'd like to thank the settings I used whilst exploring this site and also the grease that lines my skin.