Bennett Schools for Girls – November 2014
Visit with 3 friends
Visit – November 2014

History of this Site

Bennett College was found 1890 by May, F Bennett at Irvington, New York. Started as a high school then became a college campus for girls. At time of closing 300 students were the maximum range of 300 students. Therefore closure was caused by popularity of coeducation. Due to low enrollment closure was caused considering bankruptcy. This place was closed in 1978.

[B]My Experience [/B}

From Rhode Island we have traveled to New York after researching Bennett School. We’ve found out this place was to close get collapsed 2 weeks from the time we went. Once arriving to Bennett School we’ve located a hole inside the fence hidden behind a garage. We were able to open one of the boards and climb our way down. Once getting inside many objects were rusted and was falling apart. We were able to spend JUST ENOUGH time inside this school to explore inside.

A few pictures we’ve got from this school were

From the Outside, this entire place was filled with fences.

The Look Outside

An entire look of the school from outside

A view from inside but to the outside

Here's video based on our explore inside this school

This place overall was a great explore. The thrill was amazing considering the fact I fell through the floor. I believe my most favorite exploring.