Visited with Mookie and Cookie Raider. Apologies for this being late, but I've been pretty busy this holiday with stuff, not to mention my internet cocking up and not allowing me to upload any photos until now.

This seems a relatively new place to have popped up on the dereliction radar, but judging by reports of recent weeks it's not one to be around for much longer. Upon first sight of the place, I'd expected it to be a total derp, being one of those places that's fresh but just one vast empty space after another. But then whilst it wasn't far off of being one, digging around the place revealed some interesting little bits. Since closing around 2007, the place had definitely been used for armed response training as advertised with stretchers and similar equipment being left lying around, but otherwise little trace of any movements.

First impressions were a bit poor.

But it wasn't all that bad

I find it difficult to understand quite how and why in this day and age, owners leave valuable equipment rotting in empty buildings sometimes!

The bar and communal area, still complete with booze. I was tempted to try some until I saw dead flies in the bottom of the bottle of gin

Generators left lying about

I'm not bothered about cars, but when we saw an intact (bar one smashed window) van stored in a garage at the back we were astounded!

I normally talk a lot more about the places I visit in my reports, but there's not a great deal else to say about this place to be honest. Except for maybe missing the emergency station, which was intact! Hope you enjoyed it for what I've shown anyway.

Love TBM x