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    Default St Fergus ROC post 29 Group Aberdeen

    Took a look over Buchan the other week fully expecting this one to be locked as all previous reports I have seen suggest it to be. Bounced my way up the mud track then trudged up the hill to where the post lies next to a phone mast. As I got closer I could see the hatch was sitting slightly open, the blue plastic covered chain that had secured it draped down one side a nice surpise as hadn't bothered to bring my bag of tricks from the car. Although depite the T- bar not being needed a quick peek down the shaft told me my wellies back down the hill to the car for the bag.

    Inside at last, the post is flooded to a depth of a good foot an half but water is clear and no smell ... however place is a fair mess, bottles and plastic floating around. A pick axe and spade lying half submerged in the monitoring room doorway. A handly positioned blue plastic chair allows access from ladder into the monitoring room and from there long legs and using top of door for a grip gets you over to the non standard desk. Of course all the drawers were swollen shut so no idea if they contained anything. Certainly the only two bits of paper work I could see on the desk top were unreadable. The cupboard is lying on its back in middle of the room. All fairly well stripped out but the WB carrier is still on the wall as is the BPI mount. Beds are still in place though.

    Had a quick go at the pump but siezed up, and despite it being up on a slope I figure it was more ground water seeping more than from rain getting in the hatch.

    Externally most paint work gone although a nice shade of hammerite bronze is used on underside of the hatch. Metal louvers on the ventilation shafts.

    So despite the flooding I have seen far worse. Anyway it was a nice surpise to get in and taught me a lesson .... always always take the bag

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