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    Arrow RAF Tealing, Angus - September 2012

    RAF Tealing was built during the 2nd world war, it opened in March 1942 as No 56 Officer training unit. The main purpose of the base was for training fighter pilots. It started out training 42 pilots; this peaked at 150 in 1943.

    The base had Hawker Hurricanes, Miles Master and Westland Lysander aircraft. The Hawker Hurricanes were replaced with Super Marine Spitfires in February 1944; there was about 110 aircraft on the base at this time.

    October 1943 the name of the unit was changed to 1 Tactical Exercise Unit (TEU) under Combat Training Wing, they specialised in air firing and evasive action.

    The unit were disbanded on 31st July 1944. August 1944 saw the flying training command take over the site, they was later disbanded on 21st June 1945, leading to the base being closed and eventually abandoned.

    Most of the buildings had long since been pulled down. All that remained standing was the control tower. The runways are still visible, but in very poor condition. One now has chicken sheds built on top of it.

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