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    Default Little farm house lincolnshire june 2012

    I spotted this little farm house on the way back from cadwell park last saturday...
    i dont know much about it, ive tryed googling location and local village but nothing comes up, the surrounding farm buildings still seam to be in use for storage and the hay shed is deffo in use, there was still an electric supply to the house but i dont think anyone has lived in it for some time (other than pigeons and a huge white owl)

    A few pics once again on my phone........

    not in great condition at all infact i never went upstairs on the one on the left as the outer wall were the stairs are looked like it wanted to come down, after here we took a drive up the road to stenigot but by this point the phone had died.....

    thanks for looking

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    Default Re: Little farm house lincolnshire june 2012

    Proper derphouse. Looks ready to collapse!
    Shame really, looks like a nice place from the outside.
    Forget The Darkside - I'm Mr Brightside!

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    Default Re: Little farm house lincolnshire june 2012

    Nice find mate i wouldnt mind a look my self thanks for sharing
    Ignorance is the only excuse

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