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    Arrow Ridge Quarry, Wiltshire - Feb 08

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    An average size quarry Ridge was mined for bath stone until 1914 when it was requisitioned by the War Office to store TNT and Cordite, The quarry returned to private hands in 1922 but in the military buildup preceeding WW2 it was once again requisitioned to be developed as a Subdepot of the Central Ammunition Depot Corsham. The ridge sub depot was used by RAF for bomb storage throught the war although the quarry was never fully converted. The RAF left ridge in 1955 although the Royal Engineers maintained an onsite presence until 1964 and the quarry was maintained until it was returned to private hands in 1975.

    The quarry itself is facinating moving through unconverted parts you find quarry ww1 soldiers graffiti about " the bosh" "boxheads" and "the Keiser" giving way workers graf from between the wars some recording accidents and the death of a friend. Then the walls change to the converted gallerys of smooth bath stone which are again decorated by soldiers graf from ww2 some of it a little naughty, its amazing where a bored bloke will draw a naked lady.

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    Default Re: Ridge Quarry, Wiltshire - Feb 08

    Quote Originally Posted by Trousercowboy View Post
    Top stuff...the graffiti lady was a bit rough though...face like a bag of spanners.
    They were in those days because oil of ulay and polyfilla were rationed.
    Saviour of the sporran

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