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    Arrow Whittingham Hospital, Lancashire "Broken Memories" (PIC HEAVY) - Feb 2012

    Well...Back at the local.

    Visited with Scrappy (BA had a lazy morning )

    Cant believe how the old girl has degenerated in the last 12 months since I last walked the corridors.
    The beauty of the building still haunts what is left, but one cant help but feel sad. Doesn't even resemble the Whittingham I so fondly remember from 6 years ago when I first when in with a camera. Plaster broken from her limbs, doors swollen to the point of actually breaking the surrounding walls and floors destroyed through vandalism to the roof.

    From what I saw in there, I doubt she has much fight left in her.

    Its a crying shame to see the old Asylum in this are my Broken Memories.

    Main Corridor, about 4 years ago you could walk down here hardly making a sound!

    Which way..

    Whats left of the Organ.

    Barely Recognizable

    Stairs in Admin

    Ward Corridor


    Kitchen doors


    From a upper window,

    Can only go down..

    Projector Room

    The Main Hall, to think that 32 years ago patients and staff were doing the Hokey Kokey in here.


    That's my lot, thanks for looking
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