I was in town a wee bit early for work, so at 6am I found myself searching for some rooftops. A quick recce and I found this little number. Rather than get carried away taking pics, I just sat up there for fifteen mins whilst waiting for the bus!!

Even though there aren't many mega high buildings in Bradders, I love rooftopping there as you get to nestle in and amongst the rooftops of loads of historic buildings! Bradford has more listed buildings per square mile than any other city outside London - Yet it doesn't know what the f**k to do with them!!!

I was looking forward to finishing work and spending some time up there, even more so when it started to snow!!


This next one is an old favourite. I was the first person to post pics up from this place, and by'eck it's seen some traffic since!! If you haven't done it, and you're local, then you're a bulb. Really chilled out rooftop with some belting views! Even better in the snow.


Hard work trying to get pics when your lens keeps getting covered in snowflakes! Worth it though
Thanks for looking