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    Arrow RNAD Trecwn, Pembrokeshire - January 2012

    This is my first post on anything like this so I hope it's ok.
    RNAD Trecwn is a decommissioned Royal Navy Armaments Depot, located south of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.
    Built in 1938 to store and supply naval mines and munitions ordance to the Royal Navy, at its height during the cold war 400 permanent workers were deployed at the site, housed in an MoD built town infrastructure. The site had an onsite narrow gauge 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) railway, built using copper to reduce sparks. The weapons were both delivered to the site and then distributed using standard gauge rail to Fishguard, Neyland for Milford Haven, and latterly Pembroke Dock.
    The impenetrable vally.

    Grounds view (done) by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Alice had a looking glass, Narnia was through a wardrobe, Our entry point was not so glamorous.

    Fence view (done) by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Our first tantalizing view from inside.

    Track (done) by dmoraity, on Flickr
    Couldn't believe we actually got this far without getting busted

    tunnel 26 (d) by dmoraity, on Flickr

    No one around despite see security around the main gate, so we broke cover.

    first close up buildings (d) by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Nerves kicking in now, but still no one around.

    51 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    4 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Two of the team, Speed Harris and Son.

    28 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    An open door, did we go in?? wadya think!

    19 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    The only camera we saw and it obviously didn't work.

    46 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Possibly the last to photograph this. :-(

    24 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    cargo depo (d) by dmoraity, on Flickr

    The only view we could get into one of the 59 tunnels (for now), through a small hole.

    48 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Finally after 5 and a half hours!!!!!! we found this HIGH up in the woods.

    Seriously old train by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Strange, yet not suspicious very old "building"? located just off the main road system of the complex

    9 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    possibly the site workers mess hall

    36 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Beautifully covered tunnel entrance, probably wouldnt have looked like this when opperational

    8 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    Outstanding scenery unfortunatly locked away from the rest of the world by the 8ft spiked fences surrounding everyinch of the complex

    6 by dmoraity, on Flickr

    please click one of the links to get to the album containing more pictures of this urban exploration...

    Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed the post :-)
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