A bit late posting this but better late than never! No externals im afraid as it was night time when we visited to avoid the rather mad farmer.

St Twynnell's Rotor was one of a network of modern radar defenses conceived in the early 1950's as a response to the increased threat posed by soviet bomber forces. The Target date for its completetion was september 1953 but it is one of two rotor stations listed in the project file without a completion dates. The manufacture's installation plates on most of the plant remaining is dated 1954.

St Twynells was never fully operational in 1952 most of the radar installations planned for the site were cancelled and only they type 80 control radar remained in plan but this too was cancelled in june 1953 when St Twynnells dropped to the bottom of the priority list of stations to be fitted out. only mobile type 11 radar was ever used at st twynells despite the completed radar bases which still sit across the road from the rotor bunker.

Main Corridor

Emergency Exit

A Rather Grim kitchen

The Organ

One of the many stripped rooms


Stairs to lower level

Lower Level Corridor

Heat Exchanger

Operations Board

Pump Controls

Right in the basement there was this little fella hiding!

and finally the robot