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    Exclamation Posting Images - New Members Please Read!

    To post pictures on the forum you will need to upload your images to a third party hosting site such as:


    These are free and only take a couple of minutes to sign up to. Once you have uploaded your images to the hosting site you need to select the image you want and grab the IMG code - it will look like this:

    [ IMG][/IMG ] (without the spaces)

    Simply copy and paste the code into your report. Your image will then be available to preview using the "Preview Post" option - use this to check for any broken links etc...

    For specific details on how to post images from Flickr Saltgeorge has produced a quick guide - click HERE

    Please keep the number of pictures you post to around 10 - 12 and keep images to a maximum of 640px in width or height. Larger pictures will automatically be re-sized and will probably distort and take longer to load up.

    Reports with only externals is NOT considered an explore. If you only manage to grab a few of the outside - save making a report until you can get in.

    Reports with too many photographs - particularly images of the same thing from lots of different angles does NOT make a good report and is boring to look at. If you wish members to see the whole of your collection include a link at the bottom of your report to your album hosting service.

    Where possible use a tripod or place your camera on a solid surface to avoid camera shake (blurry photos!) in low light situations.
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