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    Arrow Bradford Grammar School - Clock Tower, Bradford. Report 31/08/11

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first report (of many hopefully!). I hope people find it interesting. I've posted 12 images, I took 16 in total, the others you can see on Flickr using the link in my signature.

    Anyway, on with the report.

    Entering the staircase to the clock tower, its very cramped and spirals upwards. I took a picture looking down from the landing.

    Various windows are in the walls of the spiral staircase.

    A shot of the ceiling of the spiral staircase.

    Eventually you come out into the room that is behind the clock face. Below you can see the workings of the clock itself. I was surprised, I thought it might have been something more, I don't know, bigger!

    After a climb up a metal ladder, you come out onto the roof of the clock tower. You can see the hatch you come out of below, behind the satellite dish.

    This is a view down the the car park in front of the main entrance.

    View towards Manningham Park, you can see the boats on the lake (just!)

    View towards Canal Road, where Arnold Lavers is.

    View towards Keighley Road lights

    View towards Frizinghall Road / Station

    Last image (I think thats 12 as per the FAQ) - Listers Mill Chimney

    A few others are available on Flickr, link below.

    Thank you for looking.
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