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    Arrow Hereson School/Former Holy Cross RC school july 2011

    This building was up until 1998 The Holy Cross Roman Catholic school a voluntary aided school for boys and girls.
    It closed its doors in 1998 and about a year later Hereson school for boys took over the premises and there very old school along with its ww2 shelter was demolished to make way for new houses(as they do).

    Now the Hereson school for boys and Ellington girls school merged onto a new build site around September 2009.After getting into all this urbex lark it occurred to me that if the Hereson school from the former Holy Cross site had merged then indeed it must be sitting empty. After some excitement I mentioned this too a few of the guys who all agreed we should look into this! Luckily for us I spoke to a lad who lives over the road from me and was a Hereson pupil who on hearing of my plans stated that the old school site was still very much in use and the older pupils with exams etc not far away had stayed on at this site so defiantly not empty or derelict,and said he would give me the nod when they had finished there exams and had indeed left the school.
    Now after some digging rumours it was to be converted came up and another bit of info from The neighbouring college who I was informed used some of the building at the site that it was to be demo’d and they had been given a date to clear out there equipment and such like.

    Fast forward a few weeks and opportunity arose so myself and Space Invader Jumped at the chance…..
    The building so the foundation stone with date on says MCMXXIX.. 1929..from what we can gather it was a TB hospital/convelesant home run by Roman catholic nuns and used during the ww2 period where it’s rumoured that there’s an underground tunnel(shelter)..but no signs of it on site or the grounds..there is also believed to be a Anglo Saxon burial ground within the grounds!

    The date it became Holy cross school im not sure as research on the school/hospital from Google came up with nothing ,the info came from another source along with a name for the hospital which ive either misheard or just hasn’t any history findable from my efforts

    This site is set to come down so if its something you would like a look at id be quick
    As its to be borded up with 24/7 security(allegedly)

    So on with some pics from the day..and a big thanks to Space Invader (non member)for sorting this one..

    A snapshot from bing maps..quite a large old place

    Sorry about this but I couldn’t resist this shot along the tennis court sure Space Invader beet me to this shot and has his own but ..well I had to do it!

    Another lovely old building being flattened and turned into a lovely housing estate…
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