Drumbo ROC post was opened in 1959 and closed 9 years later in 1968.

It sits in a corner of a large field just off the back road from Lisburn to Belfast (which used to be the main road before the M1 was built). It still retains some of its original green paint.

The farmer who owns it has added a Clay Pigeon Launcher to the GZI mount.

Hatch has come away from its hinges but once opened the counter weight still does the job.

Vent shaft has seen better days.

Below ground is dry and pretty clean, bunks remain in place and there are duck-boards on the floor suggesting that this was once a very wet post.

Desk has few old boxes which used to contain batteries

Cupboard had a set of BPI baffle plates on it and a few batteries out of the WB400 Carrier Receiver.