As we start the official recording of Upper Heyford's Artwork we hunted for the "Holy Grail"
This one had eluded us for a long time

Back on 7th December 1993, the last three, F111's left Upper Heyford for good
One of the these F111's 68-055, was called "Heartbreaker", it was the flagship of the 55th Fighter Squadron.
She rolled out of her shelter along with 68-061 "The Last Roll of Me Dice", and 68-020 "The Chief"
As they left the runway never to return, the shelters in which they had been based closed there doors for the last time, the doors locked and left to the elements of time.

The history of that flight is recorded. But the shelters from which they flew had been forgotten That is until now
With a bit of historical research and eventually speaking to someone who was at the last "rollout" we got the shelter number from which "Heartbreaker" flew!

The shelter had been sealed and locked shut since 1993, the personnel entrance to the shelter was covered by two trees! and the door was covered in a mass of cobwebs, after much persuasion the seized lock eventually released its grasp with the aid of WD40.

We opened the door for the first time since 93

The photo that started the hunt for the shelter "Heartbreaker" in her shelter back in 1993.

More or less the same location, circa June, 2011. The artwork has stood up well against the elements, the shelter was very dry.

The entrance of Shelter 15 with the 55th fighter Squadron logo on the door.

Located up on the sides of the shelter are "Heartbreaker" logo;s.

The shelter is unique in terms of artwork, as its the only shelter with its floor painted in chequer markings! The nose wheel location and wing wheel chocks can be seen in the distance.

The crew setting up the photographic equipment, required to record the artwork We work quite a lot in the dark, and we are still experimenting with adequate lighting in such dark places! we learnt today that we need to buy a bigger "jenny" to power the lighting!

Today "Heartbreaker" languishes in a very sorry state at Robins Airforce base Georgia, where she flew straight in from Upper Heyford back on 7th December 1993.

Another piece of UH's history recorded!
Thanks for looking