One I had visited a while back and one of my favorite explores.

Barham Primary closed in 2001. Its rolls had fallen following the decommissioning of the Trecwn naval depot and consequent loss of jobs.
Its building in 1877 was funded by the Barham family of the nearby mansion, in a curious mix of architectural styles.

Barham School And Playground by [Scott], on Flickr

A Body! by [Scott], on Flickr

Fire Place Plaque by [Scott], on Flickr

Green Fireplace by [Scott], on Flickr

Steps by [Scott], on Flickr

Missing Window Frame by [Scott], on Flickr

Holey Floor by [Scott], on Flickr

Collapsed Door by [Scott], on Flickr

Bannister by [Scott], on Flickr

Hallway by [Scott], on Flickr

Not a whole lot to see but a worthwile explore all the same, upstairs is a bit dodgy with most rooms having no floor!