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    Arrow Failday, International School, Aberdeen, March 2011

    Wasn't going to post this as it was a massive failure but nobody has really written anything about the International School in Aberdeen so I may as well.

    As I said, the day was a massive failure. We've all had them, you have a primary target, a backup, and several other backups on the off chance that you can't get in either one. And then every single target turns up a bust. This was the worst day of exploring I've ever had, and after giving up in a pit of misery from failing to get into our 6th target of the day, our car tyre burst for the second time that day (we'd already changed it at 5am in the morning, causing us to not reach our primary target), and we ended up driving on the wheel rim and needing to call my mum (lol) and getting her to drive out and give us her spare tyre.

    Target number 2 was Blair's College just outside Aberdeen. Only know of Gorecki and Alir147 getting in here and they talked their way in, so admittedly this was a long shot. We settled for wandering around the building, looking in windows. The church there is pretty nice too.

    The building itself in all its grey glory.

    Around the back we had a funny moment. There was a tiny twig of a piece of wood wedged into a lock on one door. Simply lifting it unlocked the door. Sadly it just led to 2 rooms, with the inner door being cemented over.

    It looks so good inside, totally gutted we couldn't get in.

    Eventually we found what turned out to be the highlight of the day, a disused outdoor toilet. Yes, that's how bad our day was.

    I've been inside these buildings here before.

    Just as we were leaving I walked right up to the door next to where we'd parked, said "wouldn't it be funny if this door opens" to Mole, turned the handle and the door opened. Comedy moment. Sadly it was just into a small room for the postman to deliver the mail.
    After a few more failures not worth mentioning we headed to the International School. Last time we checked it out it wasn't clear if it was still in use or not, but it had been a Sunday so we didn't take a proper look around. This time there were security signs up, and the small road up to it was completely blocked with giant boulders. So we went for a look around.

    Brief history pinched from Wikipedia:
    The International School in Aberdeen was originally created as the American School in Aberdeen (ASA). The American School in Aberdeen was backed by a consortium of oil companies and built to serve the children of US oil employees, Scottish and other foreign children stationed in Aberdeen. The American school in Aberdeen provided American education curricula for Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten - 12 students living in the Aberdeen area, as well as to kids that were bussed to the school from the former US/RAF Naval Base at Edzell, near Brechin, Scotland beginning with the 1986-87 school year.

    The American School in Aberdeen was originally located in Cults and expanded to the Milltimber campus in 1992. The Cults campus of the American School in Aberdeen was closed after the class of 1996 graduated due to attrition in the American oil population. This provided the opportunity for a change to become the International School in Aberdeen and begin offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The Waldorf School now occupies the former American School Campus located on Craigton Road, Cults, Aberdeen. In August 2010 the International School of Aberdeen moved to the brand new purpose built campus at Pitfodels, Cults.

    As you walk up the road you pass the private play area for the school. I'd have been jealous if I was still at school. Okay I'm still jealous.

    Another play area around the back.

    Around the back of the school, there's a super fancy looking sports centre. I'm amazed they've left the place unused considering how new it all is.

    Random cooker for some reason.

    We had a good look in all the windows, and all the rooms were completely bare, which is a pity. The entire site is alarmed up to the gills, so I doubt anyone will be getting in any time soon.

    Finally, more out of desperation than anything else we checked out the old water works on our way home. It's a really nice old building, and I've tried in vain a few times to get in. No idea how long it's been unused for, but it's as long as I've known about it at least.

    So there we go. Sorry if that bored you to tears, it's not very interesting, I know. Always sucks when everything just goes wrong on a day out.
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    Default Re: Failday, International School, Aberdeen, March 2011

    I found a bunch of photos I took in here a few years ago, so I may as well post them here rather than make a new thread. The inside of this particular building was extremely unstable. Floors had collapsed all over the place.

    The hole my friend left in the ceiling/floor when his foot went through it as he was walking along the corridor above.

    The most spectacular collapse in the building.

    Outside in the shed there were lots and lots of cool bits and pieces lying around.

    The view from the back. Apologies for the crazy colours, I liked doing this at that stage.

    And finally a panorama as we walked off up the hill, with a beautiful sunset.

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