I'd known about this post for some time but had never gotten round to paying it a visit, had a free afternoon and it was a nice sunny day so figured it'd be worth a nice walk in the country.
So, after walking 6 miles I discovered my camera bag was light: 1x tripod, 1x flash, 1x torch, 1x remote trigger and 1x 17-50mm lens, not the best start, anyhoo adapt and overcome and all that.

Easy enough to find and it's unlocked, just a case of opening the hatch,

No standing water, always a good start! The sump is dry but the hole post is a bit 'muggy' but thats to be expected after the winter and the recent rain, Glad I didn't have to climb up and down this ladder everyday, even for someone as svelte as myself its a squeeze.

Most stuff appears to have been 'chavved', all the cabling is still there so at least it hasn't been 'pikied'
and at least the trusty Eltex toilet is still there

Thankfully it's only being used by mice atm, no idea how they're getting in though, maybe through the sump pipe.

Now, how do you take long exposures without a tripod? Hang it on the coat hooks is how