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    Arrow Raf Tilstock - March 2011

    Was on my way to pick my sexy new beast of a lens up and drove past this place, i had to stop and have a nose despite it made me very late!!! Visited with Sloth and Gannet (not yet a member on here) its a nice little explore.

    Heres some history pinched from

    About three miles south east of Whitchurch in rural Shropshire is an area known as Prees Heath Common. Throughout its long history the common has seen many changes. In 1915 it was used as a training base for the British Army in trench warfare training . As WW2 broke out the common became an internment camp for screening Austrian and German refugees and in 1942 an airfield was built on the site and named RAF Tilstock. Today part of the airfield is used for parachute jumping and the common is a Butterfly Nature Reserve.

    Few people know that after 1946, when Tilstock airfield become redundant, the abandoned buildings on the various sites dotted around the southern side of the airfield, some up to a mile away from the main runway close to Prees Higher Heath, became home to Polish Army families. The sites that were used for housing Polish families consisted mostly of corrugated metal nissen huts with communal ablution blocks and a number of concrete huts.

    Heres some pictures

    Thanks for looking
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