Ok my last report on Chernobyl the hospital .....

Pripyat hospital msch-126 (medico sanitary unit) .Its a huge complex occupying the most part of first micro district of the city. Here on 26th April 1986 ambulance cars delivered the first victims firemen and personnel of the chnpp.Some of then had received some deadly doses of an external and internal irradiation ,beta skin burns. After such do not survive ……They stood still on their feet, still tired to joke but days and even hours of their life have already been counted and all that the medicine couls do-just to ease their death.

Any hospital by itself is not such a cheerful place .Prypyat hospital in its present condition especially ….Desolation , the dark corridors slamming at draught doors rustles of crumbled plaster…an urbex magnet…..

They stayed here less than a day then they were transported to Kiev and then by plane to Moscow everybody except engineer Shashenok who died here in hospital he did not live through the night of April 26th .The 6 firemen 22 workers of chnpp of non departmental security and contract organisations died of sharp radiation sickness in the 6th radiological clinic of Moscow in the course of a several month after failure …….

the wreck yard

radiation testing when leaving the 30km zone

to finish on a lighter note if you go to the Ukraine the shooting range is a must ak47 the weapon of choice....

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