Salford Police HQ, Gunchester.

In its style, scale and detail, the crescent police station was designed in the style of “proud municipal Neo-Georgian”to be in keeping with the other Georgian buildings in the area in 1957.

The building was designed by famous Bolton based architects Bradshaw Gass and Hope. The main building consists of three storeys and a basement. The exterior façade consists of many equidistantly spaced windows and varying red, brown and some yellow bricks.

There are also some limestone dressings to the façade and some very detailed stone work around some of the windows and first floor balconies. The mansard style roof is finished in Westmorland green slate.

Despite the Neo-Georgian style design, the building uses modern structural techniques and has a concrete and steel-framed construction.

Salford’s city-wide facilities were brought together onto this site that provided everything from recreational facilities, tailoring, training facilities, offices, a firing range and cells.

The building also featured “the most modern information room outside Scotland Yard”.

In the late 1950’s, the Cold War was in full effect, and the basement of the police station was constructed with a view to being used in the event of a war or civil disturbance. The basement also features an escape tunnel which exits on the Crescent.

Visited with a couple of mates, this was a rushed job and on top as fuck in the middle of Salford, all the time we were inside... sirens, even India 99 passing overhead at one point for full effect

Straight Outta Salford...

Custody Suite


Office Equipment

Exercise Yard


Various Evidence Material

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